Did you know...

...that your electrical system is what allows "you" to BE "you"?

Well, it's true. You have myriads of tiny electrical circuits in your body -- for each organ system and function -- and they are all interacting with each other and with electromagnetic fields outside the body.

What if...

...one or more circuits gets "unplugged"?

Then there can be trouble -- unless you know how to fix it.

That's where Flower Essences come in -- that's what they do! That's THEIR job!
Come learn more...

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We specialize in creating custom blended flower essence formulas for people and pets.

We are the Flower Essence People

If you would like flower essences for your pets, find what you need at Flower Essences For Animals.

How Flower Essences Help

  • Gain insight into the connections between your body, mind, emotions and spirit
  • Develop new ways to think about your health and well-being
  • Gently assist your healing from long-standing patterns of dysfunction
  • Change patterns of dis-harmony and dis-comfort
  • Make "breakthrough" discoveries for personal growth
  • Help you become a more balanced, happy, and integrated person

Flower essences are inner catalysts that can stimulate your ability to respond and take more responsibility for your growth.

By helping you to deepen your contact with yourself, to be more in touch with your feelings, underlying attitudes, and your spiritual self, the Flower Essences empower you to make real changes in your life.

What changes would YOU like to make now? Here are some of the things that flower essences can help with:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • bulimia
  • anorexia
  • stress
  • some kinds of sleep disorders
  • postpartum
  • shyness/insecurity
  • and much, much more!

"If I want to try flower essences, How Do I Get Started?"

What They Are

Flower essences are liquid drops made from individual flower petals, whose vibrational energy (or essence) is transferred to water by a special process. The drops are then taken internally or applied topically to people or animals.

Flower essences are not drugs or vitamins, but a special gift for healing and life energy support. They contain the electrically charged water and a preservative (your choice of brandy, vegetable glycerine, white vinegar, or red shiso).

"If I want to try flower essences, How Do I Get Started?

What They Do

Flower essences work because they help you re-connect your electrical system.

Through the abundance of water in your body, the flower essence vibration transmits its ideal pattern, which finds its correct circuit within your body and helps your system remember how to hold its original pattern again.

The flower essence therapy helps people and animals to become more present and centered, to work through challenging situations or transitions, and to be more comfortable.

Flower essences are safe and gentle even for newborns, and can be safely taken with any foods or medications, as they cause no harmful side effects. The Essential Emergency Formula should be kept in every medicine cabinet and first aid kit, as it has been proven to prevent shock in even severe cases of trauma and can quickly restore calm under the most stressful circumstances, for adults, children and animals.

"If I want to try flower essences, How Do I Get Started?

How to Use Flower Essences

Place up to 4 drops of the essence on your tongue or in small amount of clear spring water to drink. Drops may also be placed on the skin, or in bath water, or all of the above.

Do not allow the dropper to touch the skin or mouth. The usual dosage for flower essences is four drops four times a day, but the emergency formula can be given as soon as possible after a stressful emotional or physical incident, as needed. These essences are meant for short-term use to help create the desired results, but can be safely given over a long period of time.

"If I want to try flower essences, How Do I Get Started?"

May we create a custom formula for YOU?

Bright Wings is pleased to offer a repertory of over 750 North American flower essences from the finest sources (Perelandra, Flower Essence Society, Green Hope Farms and Animal Essences.)

We work with you to find the exact formula that will bring your system back to its natural balance, with a choice of preservatives to choose from: alcohol, vegetable glycerin, white vinegar, or red shiso.

We create custom blended formulas, AND we can offer individual essences, too.

We don't make our own essences (although we know how) -- instead we rely on our good friends whose primary work it is to produce the best essences on the planet. We have good relationships with our suppliers -- they are our "family"

"If I want to try flower essences, How Do I Get Started?"

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